Kalid (2004)

My meeting with the world of Osho and with shamanism was definitely my turning point. Through them I have entered in contact with a reality that until then was unknown to me. In 2001 I decided to go for my first trip to India . Main destiny: Osho Meditation Resort, in Pune.

In 2003 I started facilitating and organizing workshops and events related with Osho and with the shamanic current – Trance Dance. It was by that time when the InJoy project was born.

Through the years I have been having the privilege of learning with great masters, therapists and teachers and participating in several workshops and trainings around the world related with Osho, Meditation, Trance Dance, Shamanism, Dance, Tantra, Sufism, Voice, Healing, Bodywork, Bio-energetics and Emotional expression.

From Dance to Meditation, Shamanism to Sufism, Sweat Lodge to Firewalking, from India to the Peruvian Amazon… All this different streams are an inspiration for my work.

My intention is to share my heart and take you in an inner journey towards yourself , towards your body, mind and spirit.

Luisa Pereira (2006)

I’ve always searched for meaning in life and to encounter dimensions that are deeper and with more truth. That’s why I am so passionate about everything where I can find authenticity, life energy, truth, humanity and magic. Nature itself is a place where I could see and find these qualities. Nature has the power to heal, to cleanse and to restore this within us. In Trance Dance too I also found all of these qualities.

Ritual Trance Dance has a special place deep in my heart and in my work.

I am a student of the human condition and I´ve been searching the instruments that resonate with me and that enhance that. All my work is related with building bridges, connections between the spiritual and the mundane, the non linear and the linear, the right brain and the left brain, the inner world and the outer world, the unconscious and the conscious, the duality in human beings. I believe that the integration of the opposites but complementary in us allows us to evolve.

I studied Mathematics applied to Economy because I found magic in working with some areas of Mathematic. Later, after working some years in the corporate world I realized I was not getting what I was looking for. I wanted something more human. I got out and studied Art-Therapy and started to explore free dance and different types of meditation. That´s when Trance Dance appeared in my life and had a huge impact in me, until today. It has been a catalyzer of transformation in me and in my life. I did the Ritual Trance Dance facilitators Training in 2006. I continued my search and studies, exploring the connection between this 2 worlds. Storytelling and stories and how they do connections between worlds and people is another of my passions and part of my work as also is, working with women and the re-discover and balance of the feminine in and out of us. Being a mother was a really important factor in this journey. Recently I´m studying and exploring the harmonizing and healing effects of sound through singing Tibetan bowls. As a Trance Dance facilitator, I´m continuing passionately deepen my knowledge and facilitating rituals. Since 2012, I´ve been staffing the Trance Dance Facilitators Training, workshops and apprentice with Wilbert Alix, my partner and founder of Trance Dance International.


Natesh (2006)

My path of personal development started in the early 90’s, with Taoism and the training of Chinese Martial Arts.

For two years I had the chance to live and travel in several countries of Europe, Asia and South America. When I got back to my home country, Portugal, I initiated Osho Active Meditations and began to explore music, dance and movement as spiritual practices.

The contact with various holistic approaches led me to the study of Zen Shiatsu, Thai-Yoga massage and many other healing techniques, becoming a therapist and instructor.

In 2006, I was trained as a Trance Dance facilitator and, since then, I’ve been leading regular events for general public and in festivals. I’m also a leader of Osho Humaniversity AUM Meditation, a strong process of emotional awareness through social interaction and expression. Shamanism plays a fundamental role in my life and I’m continuously learning and practicing different approaches that I now share, for instance, as a Firewalking Instructor and a Sweat Lodge Keeper. I have a great passion for travelling and for DJing. So, you might find me somewhere with my backpack or in some party playing music for my friends.

Sharani Patricia (2006)

I started my career in Human Resources, with the dream that I could change something in the business world… but after some years of struggling and trying to be someone that I really wasn’t, I realised that I could give much more of myself if I followed my own dream.

I was “rescued” by dancing in the form of Biodanza classes. My movement become more meaningful, I become more self confident and more able to express myself through the body. In the meanwhile I also discovered active meditations and Trance Dance. And it was with my first Trance Dance experience that I realised that there was a movement behind the movement, there was a point of surrender that I still had not reached.

Searching for this moment of surrender, I did a Soul Hunting Retreat with Wilbert Alix and went for the Trance Dance Facilitator Training… “just for the experience”, I said… I didn’t want to be a Trance Dance Facilitator! No way! I was ending my first year of the Biodanza Facilitator training and becoming a Trance Dance Facilitator was not on my plans! I was too “busy” so I said…

Since then, almost four years ago, I kept on dancing at the Trance Dance Rituals, as a participant and as a “guardian”. More and more I went for it, surrendering, dissolving myself completely in the dance. And then one day it took me! And I had to do my own Trance Dance Ritual! Then is when I moved from the comfortable space of being a “helper”, giving support to other facilitators, to the center of the room and assuming myself as a Facilitator. And I’m loving it!

My dream? To be able to take the music, the laughter, the joy of movement to groups of people and to the business world. To work with people on their personal development through movement, creativity and expression.

Kula (2008)

I was born in Africa and raised in Portugal. And, since a very early age, I was fascinated with the invisible world within ourselves. Unable to get answers from the educational establishment and religion, I turned away from a regular career and went searching the world to experience different community live setups.

I became a passionate practitioner of African percussion around 1992, after my first mystical experience with non-linear reality. Through the power of the drum, I attracted new friends with whom I would form a living small community – Casa da Ribeira – and later on create the first West African music and dance ensemble rooted in Portugal – Djamboonda.

From the experiences in community living, intensive drumming, arts and culture and healing arts promotion and practice, I matured to what I am and do today. Meeting Joanne Gribler (Laughter yoga teacher) Arthur Hull (Drum Circle facilitation) and Wilbert Alix (TranceDance – Contemporary Shamanism) was the last big turning point in my life.

I’m still seeking, searching, learning, traveling, living new ways to bring sound, rhythm, vibration, movement, contemporary shamanism into my experience and through all that serve others. With music as my passion, drive and medicine I created in 2006 RitMundo – a company which creatively promotes and organizes group experiences in order to inspire people to come closer to themselves, sharing and empowering their spirit and to support people’s conscious evolution towards more Live, more Love, more Passion, more Fun.

“When the music is born, it’s for everyone”

Carlos Anjos (2009)

My first scout camp in my teens, changed me significantly. Being in direct contact with nature was nothing like watching it on the TV. Gazing at the stars away form the city’s light polution, waking up with sunrise, all the vibrant sounds of nature, the singing and the storytelling around the campfire touched me deeply.Even though I grew up to become an engineer, since that experience that I’ve sought a balance between Man’s creativity and the power of Nature, as well as a lifestyle that respects it.

Years later I discovered dance and began exploring various dances. On this road I ran into Trance Dance. The music, the freedom of movements, and the visionary experience captivated me. With the facilitator training I also discovered the traditions of our ancestors and the rites of passage. Since then, I’ve been seeing with new eyes the wisdom of the old ways, of the traditions, the ordeals and the importance of community.

I am now looking forward tho share those experiences and wisdom with others.

Rui Bizarro (2010)

I was born in Brazil, but since many years I’m living in Portugal. I graduated in psychology and I finished my Master’s Degree in Health Psychology, but always had a curiosity that made me to ask about everything in life and without a doubt, I was exploring beyond the confines of academia. Even as a student of Psychology I discovered transpersonal psychology, current that fascinated me since the begining, to understand that the spiritual dimension is essential in human beings.

I certified in Holotropic Breathwork Technique with Stanislav Grof and GTT Staff.

On my first trip to India, I found Osho which was an important moment in my life. Then I discovered body movement, expression and dance. Later, I discovered also the Trance Dance, and now shamanism has a huge importance in my life.

Today my biggest interests are the exploration of sound, expression, movement and altered states of consciousness as a therapy for human beings. I currently work as a leader in Ritual Trance Dance, different techniques of Meditation in Motion and Holotropic Breathwork.

I also own with my partner a vegetarian restaurant in Oporto, Portugal and it’s a big pleausure to serve non vegeterian food for people.

Anand Chaitanya (2011)

I am a seeker. I seek techniques, rituals, therapies that allows me to go deep in myself, to connect with the deepest in me and with that I also seek to expand my consciousness and my ability to truly relate intimately with others. I seek the fulfillness, the pleasure, the simple joy of being.

I find within myself the willingness to surrender through dance. From childhood my most ecstatic moments were related to dancing. It’s in my blood and I feel this is present in all of us. Through dance I have rediscovered, transformed and healed myself. In each dance I go one step further, one more layer, a deeper connection with me. The joy of connecting the freedom within my soul and feeling my body flowing with the music, without tension, absolutely relaxed, surrendered, vibrant… a bliss of consciousness. Anand Chaitanya means ‘Consciousness Bliss’. It’s no coincidence that this is the meaning of my name. In Trance Dance I feel and I am that ecstasy. Through Trance Dance I deeply connect with my inner self, my soul. My intention is to also facilitate this connection with anyone who wants to pursue it – through dance.

Angelo Surinder (2011)

I was born in Portugal and I live in Palmela. Having lived four years in a community in Galicia (Spain), I was presented to the shamanic world, where I developed some shamanic practices, awakened my interest in spirituality and living in harmony with Nature. Sound and rhythm has always been present in my life, and during one period I was DJ. However, not satisfied with living the lifestyle of today’s society, I went looking and found yoga, an excellent balance between body, mind and spirit.

Yoga and meditation has brought me a new philosophy and lifestyle and took me to learn the meditation with Gong. The Way of the Gong made me remember the power of sound (vibration) and through it, reaching altered states of consciousness. More than just a musical instrument, the Gong is a shamanic tool that also works as an agent of transformation. When the gong is played, the body, mind and spirit change.

When I discovered the work of Wilbert Alix I felt that this could be what I was looking for to create the conection between the music and the dance, by linking all these areas and making me feel more complete.

After the training with Wilbert Alix, I was really sure about the importance of the Trance Dance ritual to help people going in to an altered state of mind, allowing them to meet their soul in a different perpective, awakening a higher consciousness and sense of union with the whole.

The result of all these years of search about sound therapy, rhythm, vibration, movement, I co-created the Cosmic Gong Project that works to bring peace, love and a better quality of life to all living beings.

Carolina Pinho (2012)

My name is Carolina Maria. More than just being a Ritual Trance Dance facilitator I’m someone that loves this ritual.  From very early on, that my body asks me to dance, and whenever I did, and do, I’m AM!  My self-esteem grows as well as my intuition, my mind calms, my limitations are dissipated and my qi flows. Nothing stagnates, everything merges. When I discovered Trance Dance a few years ago, I realized that all of this could connect with what is most important in my life: the evolution of my soul. It allowed me to dive into my deepest and darkest waters and, above all, make them aware. As very painful it can be sometimes, the reward is far more superior to any other worldly thing.  There for, in 2013 i clearly felt the call to do this training and to be able to share it with the world. For me the most beautiful thing in Trance Dance is that it does not impose a truth, but that it surely helps us find our true selfs.  Now I’m a Co-founder of Integral Development TREE ANAHATA company where I also teach the Trance Dance Ritual.