Mark Hoek (2004)

From a young age I have been wondering about the meaning and essence of life. On this search I have studied various spritual disciplines, always looking for the truth. The disciplines that have formed me the most are Sannyas with Osho, Advaita Vedanta with Alexander Smit, The Avatar training from Harry Palmer. When in 1995 i met shamanism it was a homecoming, I found my pathway. On this pathway I had various teachers my basic training I received from Black Bear and Christopher Beaver. Their unique way of teaching always confronting, with humor in a very loving way has become a way of life for me. Their teachings that everything is energy, also your shadow that you can harness those and change it into a strength has made me face my own shadow and do something with it.

Since 2003 I started trance dancing. In the training with Wilbert Alix I received my first vision, a vision that gave direction to my life. Since 2004 I am intensive studying the Susquehannock way. This approaches spirituality from your strongest point. On this way the deep love of existence, the spirit helpers and all that we are related to have deeply touched me and gave me a deep trust in existence.