Macha Morris

Growing as a child I found I was so connected with nature and animals. But humans were puzzling to me. As I grew older I saw the pain & suffering in all. I noticed I was a guide and a support for other. I understood many who were misunderstood.

My sister returned home in 2002 after living with a Peruvian Shaman in the jungles of Peru. She explained what a Shaman was and passed on a book to me. I realized at this time I too had this role in me. I then new I was not wrong all this time. I was just very different then most people I had encountered. I was awake. Of course suffering but aware. I fell pregnant at age 17 2004, a life changing moment. I gave birth in November 2004.

Horses and nature helped me learn skills and my communication with people became better, stronger. On my healing journey I wanted to have more insight into this realm. I started my Usui Reiki training and became a Reiki Master in 2011. From there I attended shamanic workshops. Then I was stopped in my tracks by a bad vertebrae back injury. This led me to a path of opening my Soul Voice~ Healing Therapy. I began many more trainings: Craniosacral /Somatic Emotional Release, Pediatrics Therapy, Traditional/Energy Herbalist. Now I facilitate many weekly sacred workshops. I love holding space for people, it’s clearly my path.

Dance was always a part of my life, but having a back injury I had to stop dancing. Once I became able to dance again it became my medicine. I knew this is an area I wanted to share with people. I was looking for strong resource I could train through, then I found Wilbert Alix and Trance Dance in 2014. I knew this was right for me because of its shamanic roots. My first Trance Dance Ritual was at the facilitator training November 2014. From the first moment I started breathing I began a very painful but positive journey, this then gave me great faith & belief in the power of this work. I’m so grateful for this power channel.

I now teach Sacred Tribal Fusion Bellydance & run Anima Dance Movement workshops & always expanding creating as a dance & singing performer. I’m still on my journey with Wilbert’s training’s as I Love the shear depth of what people go into through his work.