Leonor Camacho

I describe myself as a woman with lots of passion for life. I have always loved beauty and through the years find it more and more all around.

I am grateful to have discovered how moving and sharing were the reason of my existence. I spend my time being and feeling my body and movement, dancing, exercising, teaching, learning and shearing with people; I spend my time enjoying myself.

I studied Graphic Design in Colombia, it is not my main occupation but it is very present in everything I do and in the way I look at and perceive the world.

For the past 8 years I have been teaching people to discover the movement within themselves. It started with Salsa, then Qi Gong, followed by Zumba Fitness and now Trance Dance, all practices I fully enjoy. I continue to learn as much (if not more) from my students as they do from me.

My main objective is to help people discovering their bodies, movement and center. Help them taking responsibility for their own health and life, while they have a great time.

I am also working daily on creating a better world where there is space to talk, dance, heal, share, discover, work out, paint and most importantly love.

Hannah Ekberg

As a creative person with a passion for storytelling and writing, I often think of myself as having first been a poet, and then a dancer, but the truth is, I was dancing my poetry long before I was cognizant of writing poetry.

When I was a child, I would dance in my bedroom, I would dance in the rain, I would dance on the whitewashed front porch of my grandmother’s house. But as the years progressed and I grew older, I found that there was nowhere left for me to dance my own dance in the small-town America where I grew up.

And then my friends and I heard about a far-flung dance club for teenagers, and at sixteen years old, we would drive miles and miles through the night to dance, staying out long after curfew and risking trouble with the police every time. The first time I danced, I came home with blood blisters on the bottoms of my feet and a sprained ankle. My enthusiasm, without a safe framework to hold it, had almost crippled me. And in some ways, around that time, my spirit went underground, until college, when I again found a place to dance my own dance. It was then that I discovered that as I was dancing, I was composing: words were coming to me, poetry. But then too, I was not met with an enduring, safe framework to support my enthusiasm. And so again my spirit went underground. But when spirit goes underground, it will find a way to return to the light.

When I discovered Trance Dance as developed by Wilbert Alix, I discovered the space I had been looking for, a safe and sacred space where my spirit could be present in my body and thereby allow my poetry to emerge whole. And this is why I am so passionate about Trance Dance: through this dance, I can reconnect with all parts of myself, and as I dance, weave myself back to wholeness.

When we consciously tap into our body intelligence with the help of music and dance, in particular our own self-guided dance, which happens in a safe and sacred space of non-judgment, authentic self can emerge, and reconnection of all the parts of self becomes possible as energetic roadblocks are literally shaken loose and a veritable network of super highways opens up inside, allowing spirit to come through. And when this happens, transformation becomes possible.

And this is why I facilitate Trance Dance: to help bring to the world what I so long searched for, a safe and sacred space for spirit to be fully embodied, and to share the possibility of positive transformation with others.

I’m thrilled to now be doing this in Switzerland, where I have lived for more than ten years, and it is such an honor and a joy for me to be able to create space for others to come and explore themselves and dance their way back to wholeness.