Nina Jassinger

I was born in Czechoslovakia into a communist totalitarian regime and a catholic family. I grew up a loner, a bookworm who used to save her life by dancing wild to shake off my everyday nerves. Dancing, painting, writing – this all saved my mental coherence and maybe even my life.

At some point I realized that I will needed to overcome my inhibitions and shyness. I chose pantomime. And there it happened, my first ecstatic dance experience. Somehow I was being danced, I did not do anything, just surrendered and felt alive like never before.

After the fall of communism in 1989 I was offered money to write. In mid 90’s I had a kind of health collapse. I finally could admit all the darkness stored inside me for all those years – jealousy, hatred, anger, aggression, anxiety. Then I found ecstatic dancing. This healing process of tearing myself apart and putting myself back together again took about 10 years. Parallel to my therapeutic dancing odyssey I started new studies: shiatsu and homeopathy.

That all was an amazing overture to the Trance Dance Training with Wilbert Alix. The funny thing is that the decision to go for this training was a very pragmatic one. I had no expectations at all. And it turned out to be the deepest experience of all. It was there that my long lost and forgotten power came back to me. The life force itself started to move me, through me, but not only me. I started to feel it in others too, in everything and all around and share it. Also the simplicity of this Trance Dance technique was a delight. Simple and powerful. That is the beauty of it.

The transition from dancing with eyes wide open to dancing with eyes wide shut was like practicing for a long time on the ground and then finally jumping into the deep water. It was such an amazing transformative experience. The Trance Dance Training also coincided with the beginning of my mothers one year dying process… so the Ancestors Work (in the training) was an awesome opportunity for understanding much more about my family issues and it was a great step to reconciliation with my mother.

The ecstatic dance practice as I understand and offer it now is an organic blend of movement and dance (but also painting, mask making, voice training, ritual theatre…) with eyes wide open and Trance Dance with eyes wide shut. This creates the opportunity to go into the realm where we are one with ourselves, others, nature, the universe… and then back to our individual life. To return refreshed, in contact with our own intuition, open minded and with a more open heart.