Ana Penavić voli ples I pokret, a trancedance je praksa koja je uz ples spojila I njenu drugu ljubav: duhovnost. Završila je trening 2007. u Njemačkoj, te mjesečno usavršavanje 2008. na Hawaiima. Po profesiji je arhitekt i bavi se unutrašnjim uređenjem prostora.

Helena Petrović

I was born in Istria, a magical peninsula where tradition was alive. My mother’s mother was the most important person in my childhood, and more. Almost completely deaf she was communicating with me through the sound of silence, the first language I ever knew. My grandma was often in the fields collecting herbs. Me too, playing with my visible and invisible friends. Every path, stone, tree and bush was known to me. Plants and animals were talking to me loud and clear. I knew how to find food, build hidden shelters and made different tools or weapons. The summer and winter holidays I was spending in the mountains of south Serbia mostly with my father’s mother, the walking treasure of traditional songs and stories.

During one of my journeys between those two worlds, when airplanes were cutting the soft, white clouds, my first deep mystical experience absorbed me, the first that I remember. I was six years old … When I was fifteen,… unexpectedly … different reality has come to me again. After the third experience, one year later, I had no choice. I left my hometown and for the next fifteen years my homes were in the USA, Italy, Netherland, Italy, France and nowhere. Traveling from North America to Asia, from North Africa back through Europe, going through the official and nonofficial education, exploring everything on my way, mixing and changing different subjects and interests … for me, everything was spiritual … studying, partying , making love, reading, chanting, hitchhiking, dancing, meditating or exercising martial arts and yoga. I loved to immerse in the diversity of a huge number of paths, methods and traditions and I do not regret anything. There was a deep order under the illusory chaos and intuitively I knew that.

In the 90’s both my grandmothers passed away and I was with one step on the other side, too … losing the bridge of my memories, ability to move, recognize and connect letters into words, unable to write, read and talk. Sometimes life leaves us no choice but to listen and to follow the silence and the dreams, with confidence in the healing process, no matter how painful and uncertain it is and in the faith that it will be better, even when there’s no reason for any faith.

In the year 1999 I founded the first center for Qigong and Taijiquan in Istria. David, my husband came in the year 2000. Today we are the parents of three wonderful sons and together we run the Center for Oriental Arts Yuan Tong – Tai Chi Pula. Also, I’m the founder of the Gaia Holistic Center with Essential Devani Yoga classes, Balkan/Slavic Heritage Lab, many different workshops and since 2011 – Trance Dance.

I love to facilitate Trance Dance and witness to the deep transformation in the people. Beautiful in its simplicity and powerful in results, Trance Dance has set in motion radical changes in my being and life. Step by step, with no effort or force, Trance Dance has become one of my favorite vehicles home.

Michel Mamula

Moj fokus je u istraživanju sebe i svijeta oko sebe. U svojim istraživanjima otkrio sam da su glazba, ples i pokret ono sto mi najjače otvara srce i dovodi me u bliski kontakt s najdubljim dijelovima mojeg bića, s duhovnim.

Susret s Wilbertom promijenio mi je život zauvijek, TranceDance i drugi rituali proširili su moju svijest i granice spoznaje. U 5. mjesecu 2008. odlazim na Havaje gdje sam završio trening za TranceDance voditelja. Od tad prenosim ovaj divni način plesanja dalje u svijet.