Lena Hoop

After years of changing studies from dramatics to media design to literature, in between my travels from Cuba to Australia to Asia to America back to Europe, while working with words and plants and kids and music and dirty dishes, I realized that it isn´t really about the studies or the places or the work. It is about what connects all that. It is about my desire to live fully. To live all there is, all I am, not just survive, but discover, to embody the very moment, to let be and let go. It is about dance. For me, it all connects in dance. There I stop running from one to the other. There I find the calm to let life unfold and the confidence that my body takes me to the place I need to be. There I find myself.

I believe that whenever we truly give ourselves, we are complete. Nothing to add, nothing to change, nothing to regret. We just have to find out. Look at ourselves. And live it, live it all.

I am trained as a Trance Dance Facilitator, a Biodanza Facilitator, a Lomi Lomi Practitioner, a Yoga Teacher. I also do 5 rhythms, Anna Halprin´s Life/Art process, contemporary dance. I love it all. It´s like different landscapes. I love the quote “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.“ This is what makes me so passionate about Trance Dance.

Thank you, Wilbert, for giving me new eyes. I feel honoured to pass this on.