The journey for me this summer has led me to this place, but the Soul Hunting Retreat was the biggest thing that has ever happened to me. The change in me is so deep and so profound. Your words ring around my head on a daily basis and I act upon them with integrity. Having that integrity has brought flow and magic where it was not before. I feel truly honoured to have been part of such a group…….it was a truly magical experience and just the very beginning of my shamanic journey.

Nicky Hollins

Dartmoor, United Kingdom

I still remember my soul hunting experience like it was yesterday. I feel it in my body, it’s a cellular memory; it was one of maybe a few very rare moments in my life when I felt completely in peace and free of my ego. I just was. And it was the best feeling there is. It was so so strong, there are no words to describe it. Thank you for that.

Ivona Ljubljana


This weekend I participated in your Soul Hunting Ritual in Manhattan. I just want to thank you for the most liberating and cathartic experience I’ve had in my years of practicing and teaching Shamanism. What I thought would be a fun evening (a friend gifted me with the surprise of this ritual workshop) became the turning point of a long and unconscious struggle. The awareness of a deep embedded trauma and the reconciliation of the memory within my consciousness unleashed tremendous healing. Thanks to your work I am now enjoying the magical freedom of Being.

Datch Baudisch

Southampton, New York

So in my Soul Hunt my tiger led me. I could feel a force I think of as God… having his hands over my heart as to allow me to keep my soul. I experienced a lot of relief, or more like part of me has come home. Things at home have been a lot different, much more peaceful and accepting. I did share this with my children, we all cried, and they thought it was great.

Arnie Seavey

Nampa, Idaho

The Soul Hunting Ritual was amazing… it transformed some old fears in a gentle yet profound way.

Wim Minten

Lisbon, Portugal

My Soul Hunting experience is difficult to describe in words. There is a “knowing” I took out of the workshop but I can’t explain it very well. I just know it was the only time in my life when I completely let go of myself, let go of the control. I was terrified at first, but ultimately the release was incredible. Very powerful! I made huge strides along my healing journey. I highly recommend the Soul Hunt for anyone who is ready to really heal. I mean REALLY heal, not just sit around and talk about healing. The Soul Hunt is an experience, a physical, mental and spiritual experience. Sometimes I am able to go back to that place and relive that incredible part of my journey.

Anthony Clark

Columbia, Missouri

I attended the International Conference On Business And Consciousness in Acapulco, Mexico in December, 1999. While there I had the good fortune to participate in an evening Soul Hunting Ritual with Wilbert Alix. During the ritual he guided 300 of us into a ‘trance’ where I became an animal, a black panther, full of strong muscles and tremendous life force. Soon I realized that the black panther was ME! It showed me that if I trust my instincts, my gut instincts, and move with them then the strength that flows through me guides my life as sure as the stars guided the Polynesians and the Hawaiians. When it was time to dance as my animal, the black panther, I danced until my skin glistened with sweat. Then I danced even harder and grew stronger. I had never enjoyed dancing more in my whole life. It felt so good to be moving, sure of myself, sweating, unafraid of anyone around me, confident in my actions. Moving on instinct and flowing with it. That’s what I’ve taken away from that night in Acapulco with Wilbert Alix.

Nancy Lee Melmon

Sedona, Arizona

On my first Soul Hunt I travel into a trauma that I had experienced in my teen years that had an insidious way of manifesting itself over and over again in my life. I had deep fear of abandonment. Through Wilbert and the Soul Hunt experience, I was able to reclaim that ‘child’ piece of myself that had left my body as a result of the trauma. I have learned to love her and understand her pain and keep her home with me, safe in my body, and felt in my heart. Soul Hunting is a must do part of the recovery process.

Kathy Luther

Minneapolis, Minnesota

I am very grateful for the work you do and the impact it has had on my relationship with someone that I love very much… someone who was in your workshop in Denver this year. The Soul Hunting work that he did in your workshop definitely effected BOTH of us, even though I wasn’t a participant in the event… at least I wasn’t there in the physical realm. Thank you.

Sajit Greene

Denver, Colorado

The workshop was awesome and freed up my energy. I can feel my personal power now and my shamanic vision has grown leaps and bounds in the past week!! Can’t wait to work with you again.

Sarah Acker

Dallas, Texas

And I have to tell you that the healing I had at the Soul Hunt has affected my life in untold ways around relationships, my graphics/art, and lifestyle. Mainly the shifts I find in myself aren’t the old familiar fears I had before and life is just “different”. The last time I recall such a dramatic lifestyle change was in the One Experience back in ’85 and that is saying a lot considering how much I have done in the growth/spiritual arena over the years. In fact, I will send you some images of the fine art paintings I am doing these days. They are quite amazing portraits of people here in Sedona and, again, a confidence in what I do has emerged since the Soul Hunt.

Mark Gelotte

Sedona, Arizona

Since the SouI Hunting Ritual I have been processing soooo much energy and want to put out a bigggg hug and much thanks to you and your staff. I feel like I released 10 years of therapy in one night thru this ritual process. My body released remnants of early childhood… it was vundebar AND last time I released this level of trauma started me on this path at 16.

Julie Thomas

Queens, New York

I have been Trance Dancing for several years now, have participated in a number of Soul Hunting rituals and attended the One Experience two years ago in Atlanta, Georgia. It has been a journey of profound insight and growth. Wilbert Alix has an extensive knowledge of human beings and our capacity for spiritual expansion. He has deftly woven shamanic ritual with modern-day personal growth techniques to create workshops that explore the recesses of our psyche and energize our spirits. I am grateful beyond measure to have experienced this work.

Pati King

Boise, Idaho

Wilbert, You create such a safe environment and with so much love and compassion. THANK YOU !!! I am still processing my experience. Much light and love, Simone

Simone Burgos

New York City, New York

What a magical time the past months have been for me! I’ve had chance to catch my breath now and to my surprise, the magic continues. Each day holds a discovery of greater ease for me. My long time companion, Miss Anxiety, has far less of my attention. As I move through the day, there is a quality of timelessness and yet a gentler connection than before that keeps my attention to the details of the moment.

Lisa Geddings

Charleston, South Carolina

For me, Soul Hunting is a form of spiritual healing. Until I had this experience I didn´t realize that during my life I had pieces of my soul taken from me. This experience has allowed me to retrieve back some of the many pieces that I have lost, but I have also learned that I must continue to work on my spirit and my ego so that I will not lose these piece again.

Jeanne Allen

Boise, Idaho

Thank you you lovely man. I am truly grateful to you for your strength and the courage and commitment that allows you to hold such a safe and powerful space for all of us who took your Soul Hunting Workshop in Asheville airport. I am still graced by the results of that experience…

Rev. Jennifer Tilston

Asheville, North Carolina

Last weekend I participated in a Soul Hunting ritual guided by Wilbert Alix. This is quite an uncommon thing for me to do as my life is spent in an ashram having a master with whom my process is shared so I don’t feel the need to go look for any other “spiritual activities” such as workshops and courses and such. Apart from my teacher’s retreats, the only other one I participated in was an Osho Pulsation retreat and I was invited to attend and work as a helper, cleaning and doing whatever was needed.

The ritual had been organized by two friends of mine, Kalid and Wahido through their very active and interesting company called Injoy. Since Wahido lives in the ashram, we had spoken quite a bit about Wilbert and his activities, he is the co-creator of Trance Dance along with Frank Natale and tours the world giving courses and workshops on these two subjects (Trance Dance and Soul Hunting). The whole idea of dancing blindfolded has always been very appealing to me and doing it in an environment where the intention is to let go of the mind made it all the more interesting.

I always have a huge dose of skepticism regarding every single person that gives courses and workshops or whatever – this was true of my master for a long time before I accepted him as a teacher also. So this Wilbert character was under strong scrutiny from me, and I decided that the Trance Dance would be a good opportunity to meet him and see what would come out of it.

I hadn’t contemplated doing the Soul Hunting ritual at all but the experience of the Trance Dance itself was a great release. So my decision to continue for the whole weekend ritual was based more on the opportunity to practice what I perceive as being deep work in a way that I don’t normally have the chance to rather than on the person of Wilbert.


So what was that all about? For me it was dancing to the core of my presence in the Universe. Wilbert is a very knowledgeable person and gives powerful tools to work with and go deeper into one’s process. So the blindfolded Trance Dance manifested in different forms.

Friday night was the introduction. On Saturday we did a morning Trance Dance and in the afternoon we invoked ancestral powers through a deep (blindfolded) journey into the unconscious. In this way, I connected to my ancestral lineage from my mother’s side and the different manifestations of spirits were all different aspects to face and encounter until I could be accepting and pass through the pupil of their eye to access the next generation.

The next dance was in honor of the animal spirits, calling them to dance, to take over our bodies and inhabit this plane to give us strength for the night ritual. In this dance I received the visit of Monkey, Eagle, Snake and Spider in their respective lianas, skies over the mountains, trees in the jungle and webs spinning between spirit plants.

The night came early, and the preparation consisted of a consecrated wash in the shower and the attendance of the ritual in white clothes and in silence. This is a ceremony of purification and of sacrifice so each person was to give something back to Pachamama – Mother Earth through the transforming blaze of Fire. I had not been informed that this sacrifice would take place and I hadn’t brought anything of personal value except for my favorite t-shirt which later surprised me by the meanings I was able to express through it.

Indeed, little was I aware of the whole picture of attributions that were manifested in the piece of tissue that I gave back to the planet. It had been given to me by my mother a few years ago as I was discovering my spiritual nature and it was done as a form of “support,” the clothing bore the symbol of Ohm (something like: 3õ) in a very stylized fashion. This triviality in fact brought up a series of emotions and past remembrances of unresolved circumstances because some months ago, she and I diverged profoundly on each other’s paths and have yet to meet again after this occurrence has happened.

Moreover, as I surrendered this aspect to the Fire, the karmic pattern of dependence of the feminine, it’s manipulative and abusive nature from both sides emerged and manifested itself clearly in the relationships that I’ve had and also the ones that I fantasize about. It was time to balance and let go of this, time to discover the Divine feminine.

Tears of joy and freedom.

The God Xochipilli was the inspiration for the ritual, we had to sit in the same position as he is depicted in the sculpture with the difference that the arms are crossed above the heart chakra but not touching and of course, we are blindfolded. The process of journeying starts with a very intense breathing and breath holding sequence for a time span that I could not be aware of. Wilbert initiates the shamanic drumming and rattling as this happens and at some point during this intense time comes and whacks me on the third-eye, pushing me into the abyss of the unknown, spreading open on the floor.

At this point I am throw into my deepest fear, being brutally raped, and this is part of the purpose of this ritual, to be able to face this fear and detach from it as it is lived and experienced by the whole being. I remember that at this point I am supposed to ask for the guidance of my spirit animal to bring me to where a part of my soul has been lost.

A magnificent golden fire Eagle comes flying down and enters my body, making me become him. We gently took off and opened a huge gate that had been locked with a key that just came without explanation. As the doors let us through, a scene of my life was shown to me in which I had unconsciously given out my power, the feminine pattern had been revealed yet again…

This moment is an accident that happened and that I refused to heal properly so this has left me with a physical problem in my right arm. All the hidden pain manifested at that moment and the energy flow was asking me to let it reconnect with the rest of my form. In this intense moment, Wilbert “blows” this piece of my soul back into my heart chakra and in my vision, my master appears next to me, helping me accept this process and trust my intuition rather than my logical mind.

Slowly coming back to the waking life, the integration of the experience is quite clear although it is obvious to me that these things take time, even though my consciousness is now aware, the body is a dense form and has a different framework for healing.

More than taking back something that was stolen, I had found something that was given away out of pride.

Sud Ram

Lisbon, Portugal