The Trance Dance Facilitator Training has had a truly profound emotional effect on me: the dances themselves, the additional rituals AND the music as well as YOU (Wilbert) as the ideal enlightened guide with exceptional intellect and spontaneously flowing creativity–all of this was fabulously vivifying. It seemed to me that I left Hawaii relieved of many heavy weights and several steps closer to my own inner spring of joy. Doubtless, you’ve received several thousand such tributes over the years, yet, I’m sure, they still fuel your commitment to the work of liberation you’re engaged in. Nicholas Rand

Professor at UW Madison, Madison, Wisconsin

I love trance dance as it gives my body freedom of movement, it combines the joy of dancing with meditation. The music inspires an experience of strength and knowing. The women facilitating the group create a safe and supportive environment. I can highly recommend it to everybody.
Thank you very much!


I was introduced to Trance Dance only this year and I absolutely love it . What a wonderful and gently powerful modality for connecting deep within ourselves. Angela creates a very safe environment and as a participant I am reassured by her competent facilitation, information sharing and knowledge.
I feel privileged that Angela and her team of guardians /helpers enable such a safe space for me to participate 100% in my Trance Dance process. Such a gift every second Monday evening, so much so I wish it was every Monday evening, the beautiful music is a powerful rhythmic vehicle for my process to go within and access my Self and my Souls answers.


I first attended Trance Dance out of curiosity and was very pleasantly surprised, after the first time i slept soundly and felt very relaxed. The next time I loosened up even more and felt the benefits for a few days, as I go along I have more trust that I can completely let go and the effects ripple throughout my whole life. I need to be feeling the freedom of total abandon it helps me deal with the stress in my life, on a different level it seems subtly to change my perspective to more positive frame of mind with very little effort from me accept for me to just go with the flow.


From not experiencing my full inertia, which showed up to me in the dancing – I have moved to full on experiencing & ‘doing’ so many of the activities I had been avoiding in my life. Consequently – I am sleeping well thru the night, toning up at Suna Pilates, using my mind at work and studying Mysticism which I find stimulating and inspiring. In fact I have become my own inspiration!
That’s quite a long way off being stone cold ‘still’!


I felt so excited and connected to the idea of Trance Dance I couldn’t wait to to try it. I felt completely free. The essence of the bear (my power animal) came through, wild and strong…the passion I have for dance…finally being allowed it’s movement thru my body. The experience was like no other I had had in all the different things I have done for my personal growth. I loved it so much that I decided to do the Trance Dance Facilitator Training in Austin, Texas. I live in Australia…so it was a big decision. The training was full of surprises for me, as I got to know myself more and more in each dance. I found where all my barriers are, and what I needed to do to be balanced. What I imagined might happen, didn’t. What I needed to know and understand about myself DID. Wilbert is a wonderful, loving, thoughtful teacher. 3 years later Trance Dance is still my passion and is so great and fulfilling to see how it helps others…in every Trance Dance I teach. Love to all of you from my heart in Aussie Land to wherever you are. Carolyn Keenan

Melbourne, Australia

First we want to stress that we found the training was given on a very high level, again on several levels (physical, psychological, spiritual). We like your style of storytelling and humor. What we learn is that spirituality is not only a way of hard therapy, breaking through patterns, suffering, …. but also through ecstasy, joy, trance, laughing, community, celebration, looking from a broader consciousness instead of only identifying solutions through problem focused eyes. The combination of direct, deep experience and theory allows us to connect old brain experiences to the new brain of language and reason, very important to believe in the experience is to connect these two, something you certainly do. David Jelinek & Christophe Van Thuyne

Gent, Belgium

I took the Trance Dance Facilitator Training last year having never done a trance dance before. I had read the ‘Trance Dance’ book and I had the ‘Shamans Breath’ CD. I was nervous about going to a workshop so far away (from Boston) to study with someone I really knew nothing about. What I found was a very honest, responsible and caring man leading a workshop on very powerful material. It did not seem fluffy or too “new age”. Wilbert knows his material and seems to me to have a solid history of working with different kinds of people. He is able to handle many different situations that may arise in a workshop of this nature. The bottom line is that I did not go in blindly and I found Wilbert to be someone who I trust and respect. That is not something that comes lightly in the age of gurus and scam artists who play on people emotions for their own benefit. I highly recommend this program.

Jennifer Hicks

Boston, Massachusetts

One of the most revealing experiences of my life. I now know (directly, without analysis) that life is as magical as I make it to be. All of my analytical realizations are all but a self-centered and tiny fraction of Being. I can be much more than that. I suspected this, but now I can feel it. I also know much more about myself than I did before and I don’t find it necessary to put it in words.

Eugene Goland

Moscow, Russia

The TranceDance Training changed my life forever in so many amazing ways. Thank you so much for paying the gift forward. I am grateful. Angela Drake

Maui, Hawaii

Wilbert, Thank You again for teaching me to facilitate others through this amazing technique. My Trance Dance event at Burning Man was amazing! Trance Dance always inspires me to go deeper and with full a heart! Anna Lena Gusavsson

Ojai, California

I would like to give Wilbert great thanks for the facilitator training in Bad Sulza – it was a very lucrative experience for me. A very strong transformation occurred in me. The vigor that you brought out has opened me to pure light and love. I am pleased by what you gave me- the knowledge and experience to lead Trance Dance evenings and to give others the chance to answer their innermost questions. In short, MANY THANKS to you.

Klaus Schreiber

Apolda, Germany

My TranceDance experience has touched me deeply in a profound way. To me this training is about surrendering the ego and trusting what is revealed. The training is safe, respectful and well organized. Wilbert Alix’s many years of experience creates an environment where participants become willing to go deep in their healing process. Wilbert is a man of incredible knowledge, wisdom and integrity.

John Bott

St. Louis, Missouri

I danced i danced
dancing in a spiral
i danced i danced
dancing on my way
open my eyes without looking
open my eyes in my own story
i danced i danced
with my body, full!
i danced i danced
in africa in america
and they danced with me
a live a live
my body is streaming
a live a live
the stream is me
a live, i dance
dancing is me, dancing is my life. Stephanie De Bruijckere

Wontergem, Belgium

Overall, this experience is one of the most impactful and professional trainings I’ve participated in. Beyond just preparing me to facilitate others it was also personally transformative. I would highly recommend it to others. Christine Clemmer

Dallas, Texas

I participated in my first Trance Dance in 2008, and it was during this life altering event that I knew I had to teach this. Fast forward a few months and I trained with Wilbert in Arizona. I love my work. I love bringing this dance to people. Seriously consider training with Wilbert, you will never retreat it. Sara Weber Hall

Toronto, Ontario

I have to say Wilbert that out of all the retreats, workshops and intensives I’ve done over the years, the Trance Dance Facilitator Training in 1997 was by far the most transformative, life-changing experience ever! It was also my first retreat ever. I am really glad that I trusted my inner guidance enough to attend the Whole Life Expo in Minneapolis where I met you originally. So thank you for the work that you give so passionately! Anah Laudenslager

Marina Del Ray, California

The dance proved to unlock physical stories from my cells. I came to know another realm of power. And it wasn’t a issue of having power that I questioned …but the proper use of it. Trance Dance put me in DIRECT contact with myself and a universal intelligence that continues to teach me…long after the trainings completion. Carrie Stasinowsky

Austin, Texas

Most powerful experience for me was TranceDancing, just fell off my feet at one point. It seems that difficult period is over for me now-i feel lighter and calmer..a nice inner feeling of satisfaction and openness-things look easy now, I can breathe more and better, getting back my inner faith, confidence and strength. Hmmm, a very heart-warming experience…everything i do has a more relaxed touch and I’m grateful for that! There is something beautiful and deep in these workshops with Wilbert. Hrvoje Vukosic

Zagreb, Croatia

The Trance Dance Facilitator Training changed my life. It brought me back to earth for all of my answers and insights. I felt so much separation before I went to the workshop and afterwards I felt free. It made me connect with myself which I had been avoiding most of my life. I feel an even deeper connection with God and so much at peace. Because you didn’t interfere and allowed me to explore my own life, I found freedom. Thank you for the Trance Dance experience… and the gift of living again. Amy Fainer

Sanibel, Florida

Wilbert, I find you, and the experience of your work, to be beyond amazing. My heart has been touched in ways that continue to penetrate and heal me deeply. The week was such a profound and rich learning experience; I’m so grateful for the privilege of your presence and compassion. I learned a ton, LOVED the location and participants and realized I simply MUST do this work. MUST. I returned to SF emotionally overwhelmed from having received so much love and so many acts of integrity. If I learn anything from you, it would be the ability to open my heart ever wider, without succumbing to fear or my petty ego. The week revealed to me that I must move back to working in the healing arts once again – there simply is no other choice.

Josephine Cilluffo

San Francisco, California

I had been wanting to do this training for years and finally got the opportunity. So I went with great hopes and high expectations. But the experience itself was even much bigger than my expectations! I have learned a lot in the training. Wilbert has a lot of knowledge and wisdom on a very broad scale and teaches contemporary shamanic techniques in a way so powerful as I have never encountered anywhere before. Through my personal experiences in the training I gained much clarity and direction in my own spiritual evolution. I feel that I have embarked on an new journey. I have profoundly changed and found ways to explore transformational insights and juice my own growth. I will continue on this path… I am very confident that I am ready now to facilitate TranceDance events in an intelligent way. But besides being able to provide a good and safe space for my students to TranceDance, and doing that the right way, I hope I will grow to be able to stimulate them to grow as much as I have grown myself. Aernoudt Knecht

Nijmegen, Holland

I’ve been involved in various kinds of transformational work for many years. Of all the workshops I have done, the Trance Dance Facilitator Training struck home, deep in my dancer’s soul. For seven powerful days I put my ordinary life on hold and surrendered to the extraordinary process of healing through Trance Dance. Since transformational work had always been “hard” for me, I could not believe that spiritual healing could be that easy, feel that good, and create lasting change. Wilbert Alix’s great gift is to balance experiential and lecture material in a way that creates a completely fulfilling learning experience at the same time it moves people to take action in their life. This training opened a whole new world for me. It spoke directly to my soul. Susan Kenney

Boise, Idaho

The information I received regarding the nature and effects of music and trance enhanced greatly my understanding of the healing and personal growth process. Dancing this information — experiencing it directly with my body, mind and spirit — deepened its wisdom in me in such a way that I can share with others from experience, rather than just from “training.”

What I learned and received in this training is not possible to write down. It’s not only about the ritual and what is behind it, is about life, love, awareness, responsibility, sense of humor, being, clarity, relations… I feel it like a big opening, expanding, something very clear and it’s really something like this that I want in my life. Gerry Starnes

Austin, Texas

Wilbert, I wanted to drop a note saying the whole week was a gas! There was so much that filled the week to make it a real experience all around. You really are in tune with transformation work ; more than I have ever seen in the past and like I said it looks like you are enjoying yourself. I had to grin inside asI watched you work with everybody so easily. For myself I have that breakthrough from the Soul Hunt to unravel but it is one of those life awakenings and the pieces are already clearer in the past couple of days. Thank you for a wonderful week. Mark Gelotte

Sedona, Arizona

I would like to extend my deep gratitude for the opportunity to experience the training in Hawai’i. Experiencing you facilitate has inspired me on so many levels including reminding me of ways to utilize intelligence, and to really go beyond linear limitations. My life has unfolded in HUGE ways since experiencing Trance Dance with you, and I am so much more able to be in an open space in all areas of my life. I can feel the spiral working its way through all my fears. On a heart level, the transformations I went through in Hawai’i has made it possible for me to grow and move through many relationship fears. My life is blossoming amazingly. Mia Snow/Melbourne, Australia. Mia Snow

Melbourne, Australia

Just wanted to say hello and thank you again for a life-changing experience for the week I was at facilitator training with you and everyone. My whole definition of reality is totally transformed–cracked, really–since that time in Hawai’i. Like I tell friends, I transformed into some whole new species–they laugh, but the fact is, I think I really have. I can’t even find the words to let you know how profound my experience has been. Being in your presence for that time woke something up in my cells–calling me to be and do something greater than I had previously thought possible. And for that, I offer you a thousand blessings. It was a lot of fun. Justin Jaucian

Hillsborough, New Jersey