Our Ethics

Ethics are the values and standards by which optimum effectiveness and service can be created.

1. We are factually here only to guide people to better their condition and allow them to experience joy in their lives. This is our total purpose.
2. We are specific in relating circumstances and give sources when important
3. We teach correction rather than criticize and think failure.
4. We don’t analyze. Instead we create an atmosphere where intelligence can be nurtured through self-discovery.
5. We respond rather than react.
6. We are generally happy and often produce this condition in others by our mere presence.
7. We raise levels of energy and, at the very least, we do not reduce existing levels of health, energy and morale.
8. We ordinarily complete all cycles of action and communication we have begun.
9. We take responsibility for our mistakes, we are honest.
10. We support others to actively resist acts which harm themselves and others.
11. We ordinarily do only what supports the evolution of our consciousness and the consciousness of others.
12. We create a physical atmosphere that is safe, clean and supportive of emotional and spiritual development.
13. We ordinarily present a solution when presenting a problem.
14. We communicate only information which the receiver can be with.
15. We complain only to the person with the power to act.
16. We operate on a basis of the highest quality and value for the greatest number by acknowledging the unique contribution of each individual.
17. We support only those persons who refrain from making themselves and others wrong. (We don’t acknowledge victims).
18. We deal responsibly with participants, assuring that they receive full value from any ritual or workshop we conduct.
19. We are on time and start each program session promptly according to the agreed schedule.
20. We facilitate each program being adequately fed and rested.
21. We replace ourselves only with another trained TranceDance Facilitator when we are unable to teach as agreed. This only occurs in a high risk emergency.
22. We are clear about what is expected of us at all times and immediately ask for assistance for assistance if we are unsure about what we are expected to do.
23. We understand that the value our students will receive from our rituals is directly related to our level of participation and willingness to recreate each ritual in the way we were trained.
24. We give as casual, efficient appearance while teaching.
25. We are open to our students experiences.
26. We trust and listen to our body, mind, spirit and environment.
27. We are ordinarily not serious. Rather we are joyful, cheerful, non-seriously sincere and playful.
28. We are ordinarily simple, spontaneous and natural.
29. We are aware of, appreciate and acknowledge publicly our ritual staff and are clear about their value and their contributions.
30. We are capable of being meditative and related simultaneously.