Trainig Name:  Ritual Trance Dance™ Facilitator Training
Date: Fall: November 12th – 23th, 2018
Location: Mafra, Portugal – Quinta da Enxara Retreat Center
Training hours: 110 training hours
Language: English
Certificate: Upon successful completion, participants will receive a Certificate Of Completion
verifying professional training in the Ritual Trance Dance Facilitator Training

Prerequisites / How to apply:

Due to the extensive experiential nature of this 14-day training previous experience in Ritual Trance Dance is a plus but not absolutely required. What is required is: • Proven maturity. • Students must be 30 year of age or older to attend this training. • Previous training in a psychology based and/or other spiritual transformation related modality. • A willingness to explore (directly) non-ordinary states of consciousness. • Students must be emotionally stable, grounded and capable of projecting confidence in their presentations. • Students must be free of any drug or alcohol addictions. This program is designed (primarily) to train facilitators and it’s also open to persons interested in its INITIATORY (transformational) value.


Persons interested in attending this training must first demonstrate their qualifications through an application process. 1. Please use the Contact form below to let us know you intend to apply. 2. Indicate the name and date of the program you want to attend. 3. Please request a “Ritual Trance Dance Facilitator Training Application”. 4. Persons accepted into the training can then proceed to registering and reserving space in the training.

Training fee is USD $2500. Training payments must be made by international funds transfers to our bank in the USA. Program fee does not include lodging and meals. Space is limited to 20 participants.



All accommodation rates are per-person ALL INCLUSIVE which includes your selected lodging option (below) plus 3 full vegetarian meals per day. Double Room total 14 days/13 nights (all inclusive, per-person): 895€ Dormitory Room total 14 days/13 nights (all inclusive, per-person): 795€ Camping total 14 days/13 nights (all inclusive, per-person): 695€ LODGING FEES PAID IN CASH ON FIRST DAY OF RETREAT. For traveling and further accommodation information please see (link to training location).

What to bring:

• Please bring loose, comfortable clothing suitable for dance and movement. • Bring 1 or more bandanas or blindfolds for ritual work. • Bring one loose fitting white outfit for work in the Soul Hunting Ritual. • Bring a personal water bottle. • Bring any Power Object you prefer. We will create a small alter in the training space for you to place this object. • Bring a spiral notebook or journal with your favorite pen/pencil for taking notes in the training. No audio recording is allowed. • Bring a comfortable pair of house shoes (slippers).


Event, Training, Retreat and Workshop Refund Policy All events, trainings workshops and retreats are non-refundable within thirty (30) days of the scheduled event. A 25% cancellation fee applies to all cancellations made more than thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled event. There will be no cancellations accepted or refunds given after the event start date.