My childhood memory is filled with nights when I gathered with friends in the streets of my New Orleans neighborhood, utilizing anything to make rhythmic beats, creating endless variations of long, soulful rhythms that I now know induce trance.

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JANUARY • 2011

Greetings everyone,

We are celebrating our 32nd year of operation. When we began (in 1979) there was no internet, email, digital music transfer etc. Things have changed and I suspect they will continue to change at an exponentially faster rate. Being personally prepared for rapid transformation is not easy, yet this is precisely what I have set as my intention for the new Energizer Training Institute... preparing persons to assume leadership in a rapidly changing world.

An important mentor of mine (Frank Natale) once said: "We live in fast times. Our environment changes – sometimes abruptly and significantly. Forms alter. Appearances whirl in and out like mosaics in a kaleidoscope. Facades flash by like billboards. And in the process of all this constant change – technological, social, evolutionary – it seems that half of us are looking for a relationship and half of us are running away from one. Little wonder that in this age of transformation – of everything as you know it – the obvious basics of relationships can be easy to overlook. Little wonder that a lot of our relationships turn out the way we had unconsciously envisioned them. It is not surprising that a great many of us in our society have, and co-exist in, relationships that are deader than a cold Big Mac."

Whether prophetic or humorous this statement does wake us up the notion that we must first BE ALIVE before we can see what to do to remain so. I'm not a doomsayer so this is not about impending disaster. It is about waking to the reality that your senses, as much as you think you are in command, may be betraying you. Terrance McKenna once said that in order to face a world of illusions we must never abandon the 'felt presence of immediate experience' we once possessed. Sadly, I think much of humanity already has. Still it is important to heed this man's warning. When we lose our capacity to feel humanity, then humanity will disappear.

This spiritual awakening has been my single focus for all of 32 years. It has been to provide innovative experiential education for those persons who are sincerely interested in becoming 'authentic' individuals. Whether through our original Progressive Psychology curriculum or now through our Neo-Shamanic approach to spirituality, the intent is the same. Since the inception of this institute we have successfully impacted (literally) tens of thousands of people in 25 countries around the world... and in 2011 my plan is to impact many more.

Beginning January 1, the official name for this organization changed to the Energizer Training Institute. Trance Dance (and the website) will remain integral to this new program focus as it has always been one of our many spiritual/transformational techniques along with Soul Hunting, Rites Of Passage, Touch Of Passion, Alive Relationships, The Results Course and more.  In the near future, you will hear more about each of these modalities as well as important new trainings' in each area.

Learn the term: NEOTENY.

Organic science has a term called 'neoteny'. Neoteny is, the infantilization of a particular species. Western humanity has been and continues to be affected in this neotenizing way. It's subtle... and sometimes not so subtle. Each time we are not allowed to experience and explore important life issues such as sexuality, resolving disagreements absent of social rules, resolving inner conflicts absent of cultural guilt, etc... the neotenizing effect takes hold. Instead we look outside of ourselves for answers. Soon we succumb to the belief "I'd rather be wrong and belong than authentic and alone". The fear of deep solitude frightens us so we become one of the many who accept a reality not of our own making.

How do I reclaim myself? Well, this is always a subjective solution based on each life situation, but still there is a common thread. We must wake up to direct experience and break away from the 'memory of experience'. In other words, you must re-discover your original senses before they were deadened by culture. And in order to do this you have to separate 'you' from what you perceive and sense. Your senses need to wake up... ALL OF THEM! This is why the bandana (blindfold) is such an important tool in all of our shamanic work.


Simply stated the Transformation Effect occurs when a thought and an experience happen simultaneously. Normally this is not easy to accomplish because our senses are so consistently overwhelmed by outside stimuli that it becomes difficult to discern a projection from an observation. It's the projection part that alludes us. The only way to overwhelm any projection (ego) is to subject it to humility. In spiritual terms, this means to subject ourselves to raw power. Another term for raw power is PASSION. When power and intent clash together simultaneously, in that moment our perception of ourselves and the world around us is transformed forever.

Many of you reading this can personally relate to what I am saying. Others may be new to this approach to living. In either case I invite you to explore yourself through the many programs in our curriculum. Over the coming months I will expand this conversation about spiritual transformation further. Our future depends on having clear minds and hearts that are not clouded by cultural norms. Then, and only then, will we live with no fear of the future.

Wilbert Alix

Trance Dance International &
The Energizer Training Institute

January, 2011