The sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being - Carl Jung


Jonathan Levine
   New York, New York
After my Trance Dance journey... for no seeming logical reason, my singing voice developed literally over night. The day after the trance workshop I was stumming a guitar and singing when suddenly a voice came from my mouth that had never been there before. I am still amazed. Wilbert, words cannot express my gratitude to you. You gave me and all those who attend your workshops an oppurtunity to come to know ourselves in a new way...and that is so crucial and beautiful in this world. Thank you.

Evelyn Atchley   San Francisco, California
I never imagined that Trance Dancing could be such a powerful medium for healing and growth. During my Trance Dances and Soul Hunts I experienced things that I never would have imagined possible, such as feelings of pure and utter bliss and being at one with all living things. I have foretold future events, made peace with past events, healed my physical body and gained valuable insight.

Gerry Starnes   Austin, Texas
I have tried many meditation practices over the past 10+ years, but found it difficult to "sit still" long enough to see any results. Sitting, walking meditations, even meditative martial arts just were not what I needed. Trance Dance allows me to move into connection with spirit through what my body craves: movement. For me, it is truly a spiritually freeing and transformative experience.

Carrie Stasinowsky   Austin, Texas
My experiences is Trance Dance shifted me to another level of awareness. One dance was so profound that I found myself "entering silence". AMAZING!! I learned about the TRUE nature of my existence...untouchable beauty, boundlessness and free. I danced within the relationships I saw in joy, beauty and instillness. I saw darkness and total silence as a void sprinkled with particles of light-stars. The dance filled me with oxygen and life. God flowed right through me and became available for others. The releasing of trauma stored in my cells had a profound affect on my energy and state of mind. For me Trance Dance was a benchmark experience... one that I am able to draw from in my daily life.

Maya Goodson
   Austin, Texas
For me Trance Dance is an opportunity to live outside of my everyday ego-self and experience life in a new and expanded way. It is my opportunity to experience my self freely without the weight of all the extra baggage I accumulate from day to day. It is the closest thing to freedom that I have experienced in a long time. Freedom of spirit, freedom of mind, freedom of body. Undefended, alone and empty - like a hollow bamboo. When I dance, sometimes I feel like the tree must feel with the wind blowing through its branches ....Or a river ..... flowing and tumbling .....or a cloud in the sky ...or a volcano .....unexpected laughter ..... or tears .....

Joanna Serpell   Melbourne, Australia
My new experience with TranceDance was a powerful journey towards letting go of past hurts. The name of a past high school friend with whom I had had much conflict suddenly popped into my mind at the time when I felt resistance in writing to her. Following the session, I was able to write the letter, words flowing from my pen. I felt a release. I forgive her and I forgive me. I trust my next meeting with her will be wonderful. It amazes me how the psyche will let one know when it is time to deal with things.

Jean Faulk   Dade City, Florida
Thank you for arranging the Trance Dance at the conference. The experience was incredible! I can't thank you enough. I have to admit that although I meditate when Jim told us about a Trance Dance I wasn't going to participate because it was out of my comfort zone. Am I glad I did!! I have to say it was one of the most remarkable, intense experiences of my life. I have discovered me!!

Joan Marie Whelan
   New York City, New York
My Trance Dance experience was magical. I set a strong intent to release the past while doing this dance and boy when we were finished I was free. This experience literally helped me to push myself to the top of my mountain to the place I am ready to be.

Ruth Turner
   Charlottsville, Virginia
The Trance Dance came at a good point in the conference . After a couple of days of great lectures, but mostly verbal/visual presentations I felt relieved and revived after experiencing Trance Dance. I have often felt a vital sense of dancing into my own world with any great music I can find, but this carefully structured experience gave me the freedom and complete privacy to keep a connection with the group energy yet go more deeply into my own movements and inner visions. I found myself living out a scene within, I had a particularly wonderful experience of the ground, of feeling that the earth was cradling and energizing me as my back hugged and danced with it as a living partner. The Trance Dance was also the turning point to integrating the great and inspiring information I was receiving at the conference. "Thank You" again for opening the doorway to Trance Dance!

Roz Heard Nelson  British Columbia
It was wonderful to attend the TranceDance workshop in Winlaw (BC) recently. The format was great and I enjoyed a good laugh with all of your humor. It was truely a mind blowing experience for me. I felt a tremendous force in both my hands the night of the Saturday night ritual and I dreamed about my animal the Sunday night after the week- end workshop. This confirmed for me what you told us about first experiencing and the understanding will come later. Thank you for your inspiration and sharing all your wisdom with everyone across the globe.