The sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being - Carl Jung

What is Consciousness?

Wilbert Alix


Consciousness (Life): Which is usually attributed to living organisms (i.e. humans, animals, plants, etc.). Consciousness exists as both Ability and State. In my experience consciousness is present in everything in varying degrees of aliveness or energy (i.e. metal, wood, crystal, etc.).

1. As an Ability it is the attribute of certain living organisms which enables then to be aware of existence.

2. As a State it is "awareness" which is the ability of an organism to perceive and sense.

Consciousness as a State: cannot be broken down or defined in reference to other concepts. There are no other concepts to which it can be reduced. Everything must ultimately refer to it. It's Implicit and primary.

Consciousness as an Ability: Is the phenomenon of thought itself, awareness, perception, imagination and emotion.

Within Trance Dance I refer to consciousness as Intelligence in the scientific sense and Being in the spiritual sense. This tends to be confusing to some because most minds are locked in their brains, defined and dead.

Consciousness is:

1. The awareness of awareness which has all potentialities but no physical location.

2. Intelligence, which is unique and individual, and operates from a physical body of living form.

3. Not a thing but rather a creator of things, intelligent energy which assumes the location of physical things by choice.

4. The intelligent personality, which is the individual who is aware of being aware and thinks into he, she or it.

5. Immortal and possesses capabilities far in excess of humans, which it withholds in order to function at a level acceptable to whatever reality it embodies.

6. Energy localized by choice, in the acceptable names of "aliveness", the life source itself, intelligence; knowledgable of human and other than human evolution.