Through the use of contemporary shamanic ritual techniques participants will achieve actual moments of insight & revelation vital to understanding our relationship to ecology

12th Annual Shamanic Retreat Hawaii

Retreat Dates TBA

Kalani Oceanside Retreat
Big Island, Hawaii

The Shamanic Retreat is an intelligent, experiential exploration of the relationships between organic life and human life and how these link influences our experience of ourselves as spiritual beings. The Big Island Of Hawaii is one of the newest and most ecologically active environments on the planet, providing a stimulating environment for the study of spiritual evolution. Within this context and through the use of contemporary shamanic ritual techniques participants can achieve actual moments of insight & revelation, vital to understanding of our relationship to ecology.

The Kalani Oceanside Retreat is a unique experience of natural Hawaii. Kalani is a coastal facility adjacent to the Pacific Ocean. The retreat center comprises 113 coastal acres of exotic botanical rainforest within Hawaii's largest conservation area.

Twenty acres are dedicated to landscaped lawns and retreat/conference facilities. The balance remains wild. In the language of ancient Hawaii 'Kalani Honua' means 'where heaven and earth meet'. Kalani's accommodations include semi private lodging in a Hale' (lodge) room, private cottages, and a three (3) acre camping area with hot showers and restroom facilities. Three delicious meals are served daily on the open-air lanai. Meals are wholesome vegetarian (with fresh fish and chicken options), featuring local Hawaiian fruits and organic produce.

Kalani's on-site amenities include an Olympic Swimming Pool, two (2) Jacuzzi's and a sauna. Services include massage and spa therapies, and traditional LomiLomi (Hawaiian) bodywork.

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Close to the Kalani Oceanside Retreat is Kehena Beach ... a black sand beach frequented by dolphins, tide pools for calm water swimming and snorkeling, natural steam vents and a warm water pond.

Also available are excursions to Volcanoes National Park that afford the opportunity to see the ACTIVE Kilauea Volcano spilling her lava into the nearby ocean.

Ritual & Educational experiences will include:

The TranceDance Experience
Entering Our Body/Mind Consciousness

The 7 Temples Of The Soul
Body Psychology & Shamanic Chakra Journeying 

Soul Hunting Experience
Rediscovering The Lost Pieces Of Self

The Spirit Animal TranceDance
Journeying For Power
The Ancestors Walk
Whole Track Evolutionary Recall

The Faces Of Time
Trance Meditation

Alma De Aqua
Soul Healing In Water

Oceanside Fire Ritual
Dawn Purification Ritual

Traditional Kahiko (Ancient) Hula Ritual & Performance

Exploration of the Kilauea Volcano
Pele (Fire Goddess) Offering Ritual

Journey to Waipio Valley
Home of the Ancient Hawaiian Culture

Sunset visit to...
Keck Astrological Observatory
  Mauna Kea Volcano

  Dance Celebrations

 Daily Schedule…
Mornings... Each morning session will be a segment of The 7 Temples Of The Soul - Shamanic Chakra Evolution & Trance Dance. Morning sessions begin with a brief introductory lecture describing the shamanic mythology of each of the 7-chakra energy centers. Each morning TranceDance journey will be a progressive exploration of our psyche from darkness to light. These Trance Dance experiences promote a deep cleansing of both mental and physical ailments as well as stimulate an eventual series of peak experiences that usually occur during each trance journey and well after the completion of the retreat experience.

Afternoons... Afternoons are free and participants will have ample opportunity to enjoy the many amenities found at the Kalani Oceanside Resort. Participants can also leave the Kalani property and enjoy the many unique nature and ecological features of the area, including a large Warm Pond (heated from volcanic activity deep in the earth), Green Crater Lake, a volcanic lake featured on one of Jacque Cousteau's explorations, Kehena Beach... a volcanic (black sand) beach frequented by dolphins, and the Lava Tubes ...a natural sauna created by climbing down into the earth via new lava tube cracks which vent steam from the Kilauea Volcano. 

Evenings...  Evenings are dedicated to Special Ritual Events. These shamanic rituals include a Fire Ritual, Soul Hunting Ritual, Faces Of Time Trance Meditation and a journey to visit Pele, the fire goddess active within the Kilauea Volcano. This experience includes the opportunity to have a breathtaking close up sunset view of molten lava flowing into the Pacific Ocean.

  The Geography & Mysticism of Hawaii...
The Shamanic Retreat is being held in the "Puna" district of Hawaii... the most remote and 'non-tourist' region of Hawaii. This district is home to more "native" Hawaiians than anywhere else is the Hawaii Islands.

The ecology of the Puna district is tropical and sub-tropical. Coastal areas possess thick tropical forests and a spectacular coastline formed by volcanic rock, tropical vegetation and magnificent palm trees. Driving the coastal roads of this region of Hawaii ranks as one of the most spectacular visual experiences in America.

The Warm Pond is a large, spring feed pool of water heated by the active volcanic activity of the island. This relaxing haven is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, allowing for a spectacular view of the morning sunrise. Many of the local healers practice Watsu (water massage) in this pond. A very special healing place. 

The Steam Vents are actual cracks in the earth created by previous earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Many of these vents are active and release steam originally heated at the earth's core. These "steam vents" create a perfect natural sauna. You will be able to actually climb down into the earth and relax in a plumb of steam. The Hawaiians have used these hot cracks in the earth as a tool for purification for over 1000 years.

Tide Pools occur when high tide ocean water enters a coastal inlet. When the tide recedes it leaves a tidal pool of water trapped inland. This water is heated by the midday sun and provides a pleasant place to swim. Many of these "tide pools" are full of multi-colored tropical fish. It's even common to see a sea turtle or two. Finding these pools can be an adventure in itself! A great place to snorkel!

Green Crater Lake is ancient water filled volcanic crater surrounded by a thick tropical forest. Rising above the Hawaiian coastal landscape like an ancient refuge for dinosaurs, the volcano embracing Green Crater Lake has been dormant for centuries. The ancient Hawaiians call this place "Pele's Heart".

The Yoni Cave is a cave structure that perfectly represents the body of a woman. The cave itself is part of a 35 miles long` 'lava tube' which stretches from the active Kilauea volcano to the old Hawaiian coastal village of Kalapana. This particular lava tube has been dormant for many years but was once an active outlet for molten lava that traveled from Kilauea to the Pacific Ocean. The ancient Hawaiians call this cave "Pele's Womb".

Pele is the name the ancient Hawaiians have given to their fire god. Madame Pele currently lives in the heart of the Kilauea Volcano. The Kilauea Volcano is one of three (3) volcanos’ that makes up the 'Big Island' of Hawaii. Kilauea erupted in 1984 and has been active for the past 17 years... the longest 'flank eruption' in recorded history. The path of this lava flow consistently changes. Many times is possible to walk along the oceans coast to witness the spectacular sight of molten lava pouring into the Pacific Ocean.

   Daily Schedule...
7:30 - 9:00am

9:30am - 12:00pm
7 Temples of the Soul Trance Journeys
Educational seminars on shamanism
Q & A sessions

12:00 - 1:00pm

1:00 - 6:00pm
Field journeys
Free time to explore local environment

6:00 - 7:00pm

7:30 - 10:00pm
Night Rituals


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