Soul Hunting rebuilds spiritual integrity

Soul Hunting Healers Training

Wilbert Alix


The Soul Hunting™ Ritual Healers Training is a personal and skills development training program that prepares individuals to facilitate the Soul Hunting Healing Ritual. With an additional 200 hours of practical sessions in between the four training segment, this program represents a total of 520 hours of training.

The Soul Hunting Healers Training prepares students to become practitioners of the Soul Hunting Ritual Technique with:




1. Individuals seeking a personal soul healing experience. Also persons who want to deepen their understanding of how to build a personal healing process that energizes yourself, lovers, family and friends.  

2. Individuals and couples wanting to enhance their personal relationships by acquiring skills that build integrity, increase intimacy and energize sexuality.

3. Semi professional & professional therapists and counselors interested in learning how to work with individuals and couple clients relative to healing a damaged soul.

4. Body Workers seeking a body-centered healing technique as an adjunct to their massage therapy practice.

5. Group leaders wanting to acquire the skills of initiating transformation in a group level setting.

Immersion Learning

The Soul Hunting Healers Training is a 4 level training progression, each training module presented in a 10-day residential retreat format.

Module I
The Soul Hunting Healing Retreat

Module II
Ritual Healing Techniques For Individuals

Module III
Healing Techniques

Module IV
Ritual Healing Techniques
For Groups

Training participants will live in a community environment (immersion learning) enhancing the quality of the training process. Throughout the training retreat teaching and learning will occur in both a formal and informal environments.

The Soul Hunting Healers Training includes:

•  Energy Initiation Rituals
•  Trance Meditations
•  Trance Dance Rituals
•  Individual Soul Hunting session
•  Group Soul Hunting Ritual sessions
•  Various Lectures & Seminars
•  Audio/Visual Presentations
•  Film presentations
•  Experiential learning processes
•  Individual practice segments
•  Group practice sessions
•  Opportunity for personal consultations

What participants can expect from this training:
1. A deep and personal transformation experience through Soul Hunting and other neo-shamanic rituals.

2. The skills development necessary to deliver individual, couples and group Soul Hunting ritual sessions.


Kalani Oceanside Retreat • Kehena Beach (Big Island), Hawaii
Gaia Oais Retreat • Tejakula, Bali
Quinta da Enxara Retreat • Lisbon, Portugal