Seek not abroad, turn back into thyself, for in the inner man dwells the truth.

Soul Hunting™ • Module III



Module III Outline

Level III training extends your knowledge from working with one individual to working with couples. Probably THE most frequent context where soul loss occurs (in adults) is within relationships, especially relationships that include sexuality. In this module students will explore the impact of confusion regarding sex, sexuality and love. In this module students will also participate in the Honorable Sexuality Workshop.



Soul Hunting For Lovers

The 20 Qualities of
An Alive Relationship

The Stolen Soul

Soul Hunting & Sexual Trauma (Part II)

The Soul Mating Ritual

Trauma Energetics
(Part II)

Soul Hunt practicum

Karma & the evolution of the Soul.

Soul Hunting Environments (Part II)

Conversations About The Soul: Language & Soul Hunting