Seek not abroad, turn back into thyself, for in the inner man dwells the truth.

Soul Hunting™ • Module II




Module II Outline
 Level II training is teaches techniques for delivering the Soul Hunting Ritual to individuals. Participants will carry over their personal experiences in Soul Hunting into learning established methods as well as developing new approaches to working one to one in a ritual context. This training module includes elements of body-centered psychotherapy, working with trauma, emotional release and integration stragegies to name only a few.


Trauma Energetics (Part I)

Soul Hunting &
Emotional Trauma

Neoteny & Culture.

The Breathe Of Life:
Energy Transference (Part I)

The Soul Hunting / Trance Breath Technique.

Gravity & the Transformation Effect (PART II)

Intention & Transformation (PART II)

Reality & Physical Time

The Holographic Mind, Vision and The Soul (Part I)

Conversations About the Soul: Using language in Soul Hunting

Soul Hunting Environments (Part I)

MindBodySoul: How to Integrate A Soul Hunt Journey (Part II)

Psychic Connection/Soul Connection (Part II)

Trance Dance: Entering Your Body/Mind Consciousness

Tools in Soul Hunting: The Drum

Tools in Soul Hunting: The Rattle

Learning frame drum trance rhythms

Shamanic Mythology


Energy Initiation & Shamanic Breath Technique

Xochilli (The Prince Of Flowers) Trance-position Technique

Traditional Shamanism / Contemporary Shamanism

Intention & Transformation

The use of the blindfold in Soul Hunting