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Introduction by Wilbert Alix

Welcome to TranceDance.com. This website presents several contemporary shamanic approaches to healing and spiritual growth...primarily Ritual Trance Dance Experience™. The Trance Dance Experience is a ritual dance structure that empowers participants with tools to explore their body/mind consciousness. Trance Dance dissolves perceptual boundaries and engages participants in genuine communication with states of mind that exist far beyond normal awareness. It is a deeply compelling inner dance journey that establishes an unbiased connection between self and higher-self. These movement journeys occur within a specifically designed ritual structure that nurtures an atmosphere where authentic spiritual communication becomes possible. The Trance Dance Experience involves the use of visual sensory deprivation, specifically designed acoustic dance soundtracks, mental imagery techniques that enhance visual clarity and more.

Ritual Trance Dance
is a neo-shamanic dance ritual with cross-cultural animistic roots. Historically, shamanic cultures utilized unique forms of ritual movement, percussive rhythms and sound as ways to induce deeply altered states of mind commonly called trance. Ritual trance dance alters normal reality by altering our relationship to space and time, allowing participants to see beyond their normal perceptions of life. It is a doorway into a timeless spiritual environment rich with symbolism and metaphor essential to energizing the evolution of the human soul. The Trance Dance Experience™ as described within this website seeks to achieve these beneficial spiritual experiences by incorporating some innovative and surprisingly effective contemporary techniques. Drawn from but not limited to traditional shamanic structure, The Trance Dance Experience™ synergizes traditional principles with current technology creating an exciting new approach to exploring human consciousness.

Ritual Trance Dance
also magnifies our capacity to perceive and sense the people and environments with which we live. It explores our human need to kinesthetically feel nature and natural phenomenon as a method to comprehending it. No other issue in society is more critical than the need for humanity to expand the language we use when relating to the environments around us. Trance Dance effectively dissolves perceptual separation, making it possible to 'see' the world in a remarkably clearer way. Since 1988 thousands of our international Trance Dance students have discovered what our human ancestors knew so well...that objective reality is nothing more than the manifestation of what we discover inside. The Trance Dance Experience is a body-centered language for accessing and expanding that inner world...the world of the evolving human soul.

In addition to Trance Dance, this website presents a variety of contemporary spiritual techniques such as Soul Hunting, Ancestors Walk, Body Wisdom and others. Over a thirty year period we have trained hundreds of professionals who now offer Trance Dance ritual programs in various locations throughout the world. Here you will find a description of these programs and a connection to many of the facilitators who organize and facilitate The Trance Dance Experience.

It has been my intention to create ritual techniques that enlighten who we are as humans, how we relate to each other and better ways to see the natural world in which we live. I welcome you to explore the mystical, magical world of Trance Dance.

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