There are some things that you can't think through. You just have to get started. Action liberates a kind of profound intelligence that comes from your body. So let your body do the thinking for you.

Body Wisdom Retreat

This Body Wisdom Retreat will guide you to discover, energize and express your unique spiritual purpose. For some this purpose takes the form of art or music. For others it emerges as a compelling desire to serve, teach, parent, invent. Regardless of its form the presence of this creative force drives our life and constitutes the essence of what we refer to as 'spirit'. There can be no more rewarding an experience in life than to manifest a life that expresses the essence of your soul.

Discover Something Authentic

The question of 'how do I discover this inner spiritual purpose, and how can I develop the skills necessary to bring my purpose into being is what the Body Wisdom Learning Experience is all about. Participants spend the morning hours studying principles and structures that enlighten you on the dynamics of human consciousness. Afternoons are open leaving an opportunity to absorb these learning experiences. Occasionally there are afternoon mini-seminars on subjects related to body/mind development. Evenings are spend exploring TranceDance and other ritual structures that enhance spiritual learning.

Body Wisdom Retreat

blends the spiritual (body) dance structure of The Trance Dance Experience with the creative-mind structures of the Manifesting Results Program. The purpose of this blend is to extend the process of comprehension and understanding into the body itself... to activate the entire human body as a creative organism capable of constructing reality through our expressive ability.

Entering Your Body/Mind Consciousness

 "When thought & experience ignite simultaneously change comes into being. In these 'a-ha' moments wisdom is born and we are forever transformed. These new parallel points of view both magnify and dramatically extend our perceptions of reality."

The Body Wisdom Retreat - 6 TranceDance Vision Building Modules

Energizing The Intuitive Body Non-Verbal Communication with Higher Mind Sculpting Reality Out Of Thin Air Embody Change A Psychic Walk Into The Future Ancestral Communication Of A Vision

The Body Wisdom Retreat - 6 Manifesting Results Learning Modules (include):

The Results Cycle How Reality Is Created by Your Mind Developing Fundamental Results, Purpose & Direction Constructing An Effective Manifesting List The 5 Principles Of Energy Building Eliminate Self-Sabotaging Your Desires  How Points Of View & Opinions Create Reality  Strengthening Your Relationship To The 3 Levels Of Your Mind How To Make The Unconscious Mind Conscious  Building Mental Momentum Implementing The Principles Of The Creative Process How To Build & Energize Commitment

Retreat participants will receive ten (10) audio 'Creative Imagination Techniques' on compact disc. These 10 soundtracks include unique music specifically structured for use as a tool to access the deepest parts of the sub-conscious body/Mind.

Body Wisdom Experience - 10 Creative Imagination Techniques (titles)

Working Result Technique Be Aware Technique Who I Choose To Be Technique Pyramid Of Clarity Technique ICM (Incomprehensible Collective Mind) Technique Receiving Technique Alignment Technique Completion & Acknowledgment Technique ICM Purpose Technique Source Technique

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