I was floating in liquid darkness, no gravity, no light, no time...nothing. From this place the sounds of my heart sang a simple truth, beating a pathway to my soul.

Christophe Van Thuyne
For me the soul healing in the water was the most beautiful experience, feeling the nothingness which was very fulfilling ... a really "spiritual" experience, which really changed my point of view on life.

David Jelinek
Floating, drifting, spiralling,
no ground, no dimension at all
spiraling through nothing
roots, gates
the hills and the sea
running, faster, swift
white, mare, shining
and I felt free
there in the water, very deep
guiding, whale, darkness
a crown, a sword, a bowl
a red stone for my heart
I wish dear sister that your soul is safe
I hope dear mother you'll be free of burden
I held my partner in my arms
He was dead and I cried
tears of pure salt water
carried me, floating in the deep
Hey, little dog, I miss you
My eyes are bigger than I thought